From Fittings to LARGE rolls of pipe intended for use as part of any number of drainage management projects, River Valley Pipe, LLC takes pride in offering not only the best of what we’ve built, but every product for the job. For more detailed information, please see below or give us a call to discuss how we can help supply your next project.


River Valley Pipe, LLC Lime Green Drainage Tile

We’re in the business of building and selling high quality drainage products, and it begins by designing, building, and selling the best drainage piping. Our product is built to be the strongest, longest lasting, most efficient to install, and of course, the most visible in the marketplace. To date, we offer Virgin or Repro 3" - 6” solid, knife-cut, and perforated drainage tile. Additionally, we offer our very own, RVP green tap tees and internal couplers, the first in a high-quality product line that will only grow from here.

COMING SOON: 8”, 10”, and 12” Tile Sizes, available in all common cuts and materials!


Fittings and other drainage materials

  • Dual-Wall Sticks and Fittings

  • End Plugs, Flags, & Tape

  • PVC Pipe

  • Single-Wall Sticks and Fittings


Agri Drain, Hickenbottom, and Precision

We also serve as an authorized dealer for Agri Drain, Hickenbottom, Inc. and Precision products. We know what drainage management requires, and we carry everything needed to make it happen.


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